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Megan at Thorntons

Megan Watson


How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Selling lots of yummy chocolate! After I’m thinking a meal for two, a nice bottle of red and renting a film.

What is your best Valentine’s memory?

I came home to discover a new dress, roses, fizz and was taken out for a lovely meal. That was a nice surprise.

Best gifts?

We have a new Pudding Collection box for £8 but my favourite is our £10 Heart Chocolate Box. It comes in a beautiful pink box and inside there are 3 flavours, each of them smooth, sensual and decadent. The large chocolate heart can be personalised also.

What do you love most about the Galleries?

There’s so much variety and you can do all your shopping in once place. Our customers are always lovely.

Thorntons Valentine's chocolates

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