News — Love Valentine’s at H. Samuel


Celebrate Valentine's with H. Samuels and the Galleries Shopping Centre Washington

Vicky Pringle

H. Samuel

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

It’s a Wednesday so I’m not working. I’ll be going out for a lovely meal with my son and daughter and hopefully my twin sister.

What is your best Valentine’s memory?

I once got flowers sent to work. It was the first time anyone apart from my Dad that someone bought me flowers so it was a lovely surprise.

Best gifts?

With only a few days to go, we only have two heart-shaped pendants left. The necklace is sterling silver with diamonds and at £29, has a saving of £100!

What do you love most about the Galleries?

It’s large but local. It has everything you need and especially free parking and because our customers are local and have visited for years we get to know them and it’s always nice seeing a friendly face.

H Samuel Pendant

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